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Christ-centered meditation is different from other secular forms of meditation. Christ-centered meditation aims for those who practice it to find Christ, who lives at the center of every human being. 

Like other secular meditation or mindfulness practices, Christ-centered meditation can help to increase focus, relieve followers of what is weighing them down, or help them find enlightenment. 

The difference is in Christ-centered meditation, those who practice are seeking Christ within, and establishing an internal relationship with unconditional love. 

Tonyah meditating

The result of finding Christ is experiencing an instant transformation from within the heart. Divine light begins to shine. Darkness and brokenness start to heal as unconditional love begins to be poured out in its absence.  

As long as one continues to seek this love, more and more positive changes occur. A lightness of being and an ability to tap into wisdom becomes a daily reward. It makes returning to the practice an anticipated event, not a burden.

If you are new to this practice or are thinking about starting, I have 10 benefits of Christ-centered meditation I’d like to share with you. They are:

  1. One day at a time, our old thoughts and ways disappear as Christ, the true light who came to enlighten everyone, brings us out of the darkness of the past and old and into the light of the present and future.
  2. In a place of stillness, our soul (ego) receives the unconditional love of Christ and is drawn toward becoming more loving and less selfish. 
  3. The light of Christ cleanses, purifies, and heals our hearts, providing a way to heal slowly from past wounds and hurts, making us more lighthearted and restoring a feeling of wholeness.
  4. We develop a practice of inner listening where we hear the truth. A higher truth, known as God’s Will or the Mind of Christ. 
  5. It’s a practice of experiencing in the present moment, where you end and Christ begins. It’s oneness instead of separateness.
  6. When we practice being vulnerable and authentic with someone who accepts us unconditionally, we become more of our true selves. We are likely to remain that way in front of others. 
  7. Connecting consciously to our breath, also known as The Breath of Life, links us to Christ’s Spirit, which is the source of healing and creativity. 
  8. We are body, soul and spirit. When we learn to connect and surrender to the Spirit of Christ in our hearts, we attain more power.
  9. In being still and knowing Christ, we recover our true nature and innocence. 
  10. We begin to see through the eyes of Christ, and we see ourselves and others as consistently in need of forgiveness and love. We attain the same consciousness of Christ.

Through Christ-centered meditation, we learn to follow the light, life, and love we find in our hearts. We receive guidance and revelations. We establish trust — with ourselves and God. 


We learn that by trusting, God gives us the keys to the kingdom of heaven. God liberates and sets us free from suffering. Christ begins to co-create in us, transforming us, raising our awareness, and then we begin to co-create through Him and into the universe. 

We participate in the unique adventure designed specifically for us. It’s the process of receiving divine destiny, our own authentic life through which we can help ourselves, others, and the world in which we live. 

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