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Ignite and Empower the Light within

Emotional Clarity Cards


These Emotional Clarity Cards will help you to decrease the pain of emotional distress. Identify your emotions and discover freedom from confusion or unwanted reactions. You will gain the ability to hold with compassion a wide range of emotions. These cards will lead you to new levels of clarity, authenticity, and positive life enhancing energy.

Emotional Clarity Cards decks for female, male and group use. Each deck has 54 individual portraits with the name of the emotion on the bottom. On the reverse side are four clarifying definitions and four opposite definitions of the emotion.

The cards are the same size as regular playing cards and include an information guide and two instruction cards; one for individual use and one for use with a partner. The group deck has a third card for use with a group.

Each deck sells for $33.97 or purchase more than one for $28.97 each. Shipping is free. 30 day money back guarantee.


"I’ve found the Emotional Clarity Cards to be a highly effective tool to quickly get to the root of an issue. I make them available to my retreat attendees as a resource to help them discover their deep authentic emotions and have used them myself when struggling to identify my own feelings. I think everyone could benefit by having a deck on hand!"

"The Emotional Clarity Cards are an amazing tool. I have personally witnessed my clients transformation using these cards through grief, trauma, relationships and those who have an inability to be aware of how they feel. When they see the card and read the back with the description, it’s like a lightbulb goes off. I highly recommend them."

"I have used the emotional clarity cards in my coaching and healing practice. They are a great resource for helping people identify the emotions that they are struggling with and the emotions they want to move towards. Sometimes it is not enough just to talk about them, but when they SEE the word and the illustrations of the various emotions, they are able to identify their emotion with much more ease and grace. It is a tool I recommend for everyone’s toolbox, but especially if you are a professional in the healing arts."

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