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Ignite and Empower the Light within

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Check out my new book and emotional clarity cards. I also offer a free 10-day meditation and prayer challenge, my original devotional chant music, meditations, affirmations, prayers, blogs, and other products.

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Hello! I’m so happy you’re here. I have something for you. I believe in divine appointments, the right people coming into our lives at the right time, I bet you do too! My friends call me “Big T Miracle Maker,” because I know to make miracles out of messes, how to move from darkness to light and how to teach others to be empowered and enlightened – increase inner power and inner light.        

My mission is to teach people how to attain and establish higher power living. Im a teacher and Im here to serve. I teach fresh ways to find beauty in darkness and how to embrace a spiritual path which will lead to new life.

Ive healed and recovered my own soul from anxiety, depression, eating and exercise disorders, substance use, and co-dependency all resulting from a lack of both personal trust and truth. I created resources during my healing journey that I’m happy to share with you!

I teach a wholistic approach to grounding in spirituality:

  • How to be consciously connected to God, a higher power.
  • How to ignite the light of Christ within your heart.
  • How to befriend and know your unique soul.
  • How to embrace your true identity.
  • How to feed body, soul, and spirit.
  • How to be authentic through emotional clarity.

I’ve published an 8-step spiritual practice which is Christ-centered meditation and prayer. I demonstrate how these eight higher powers- daily meditation, the body, the breath, the word, the spirit, the heart, the soul, and prayer—can be used to overcome challenges, find forward movement, authenticity, and spiritual awakening.

To go with this practice, I’ve created a workbook called, How to Meditate with Jesus, Eight Steps to Connect to a Higher Power and Be Set Free. This book will be available to purchase soon.

I’ve also created Emotional Clarity Cards to assist you in understanding and befriending your soul. Our emotions inform us as to how we are experiencing life, yet at times it can be difficult to identify exactly what we are feeling. Each deck comes with 54 graphically designed images, with definitions, to help you process and release your negative feelings.

Id be thrilled if you join me in creating a movement to ignite the Light within! Our community is called YahLight. On my website at Yahlight, I have links to a free 10-day meditation and prayer challenge, my original devotional chant music, meditations, affirmations, prayers, and blogs.

Im a science major, life coach, master meditation teacher, registered dietitian, singer-songwriter, and author. To get started and to keep informed subscribe to my newsletter here. Go in Grace and with Grace!

As featured in Riviera Magazine, Modern Luxury Media, Dynamic Women of Orange County.

Personal essays of mine have been published in the following: Scary Mommy, MSN, The Mighty, Mantra Wellness, CoveyClub, Thrive Global. Join my blog here!

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